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We wish you a nice Easter, stay healthy!

For now we care, for later you're welcome.


Plus Hooijschuur is a large supermarket on the edge of De Cocksdorp. What will you encounter when you walk inside? A modern shop (including self-scan) and a lot of attention to people, products and the furnishings.

Fresh flowers

With a flower you can surprise your family, friends or acquaintances. It also brings a nice atmosphere in your holiday cottage! The bouquets are colourful and varied.

The fresh food department

Plus guarantees to have fresh bread available until closing time. At the fresh food department you can get freshly cut and grilled meat. Also handy on holiday: a wide selection of meat and fondue, barbecue or gourmet dishes.

Selection of drinks

In the licensed victualler’s shop you will find spirits, liqueurs and real Texel drinks; in the supermarket you will find our Star wines. A large selection for every opportunity. Cheers!

TNT Service point

The TNT Service point offers you all services and products of TNT mail. Also available are vouchers, phone cards and tickets strips, state lottery tickets, batteries and medicines for self-care. At the service point you will also find a cash dispenser.

PLUS Hooijschuur • Molenlaan 14 • De Cocksdorp
You can park in front of the entrance!
Click here for the PLUS De Cocksdorp opening times.